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Photographing kids of all ages is my absolute favorite. I am very honored to be able to capture these incredible moments and  l am excited for you to keep these memories of blessed days for the future! 

These simple tips will help you prepare for your baby photography session. 



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Before the actual photo shoot, you should take some time to talk to your photographer about your vision or the ideas for photography session. If you would like to incorporate any personal items this would be a great time to discuss it. This allows me to prepare for your session in a best way. 


Clean, clean, clean your kids and babies- clean faces, clean skin, clean nails and clean feet. Wipe away your children’s  eye boogers and snotty noses.  Trim  their finger and toe nails. The cleaner your child is the more you will like the pictures. 


If your child has any band-aids please remove them as soon as possible it will help the imprint marks  to disappear. Another important advice is to loosen diapers at least half an hour before the session. This will give time for any marks and redness to disappear.


Well napped and fed kids are the best. Feel free to bring snacks to your session, food bribes are very welcomed here. Keep in mind that some snacks can stain kids clothing, teeth and skin. Stay away from them! 

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Be patient if you child becomes  fussy or alert. Your child can sense your anxiety and I want to keep the environment as calm as possible. I will try and get them comfortable again or ask for your help. You will always be right next to your child as well.


Bring your child’s favorite blanket, toy and iPad. Since kids don’t have large attention span we will be moving pretty quickly through the sets . 

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For baby girls, you can’t go wrong with cute fluffy dresses, rompers and headbands.  Consider solid colors or non busy or large patterns. Have fun with different colors and textures. 


For baby boy, my all time favorites are jeans and polos, button-ups shirts, or a t-shirt . Stay away from logos. My goal is to bring attention to your child, so simple outfits choices are better for the pictures. Accessories are always a great way to bring interest, use - little hats, baseball hats, suspenders, ties, favorite toy,  etc. 


Make sure you outfits are wrinkle free. 


Whether you choose cake smash or bubble bath or a simple mini session for you child I am thankful and honored to be a part of your journey. May those tiny toes and sparkly eyes be treasured forever.   I’m looking forward photographing your sweet little angel!  Please fill free to concat me with any questions or concerns. 

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