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Pregnancy is a special time of your life and for many women, (although you may not feel like it) you are at your most natural, feminine and beautiful self. It is truly an amazing the miracle women’s body can do. 

There’s no better way to capture this special time in your life that with a professional photography session. Here are a few general tips to help you prepare for your maternity photography session. 


For most expecting mamas, a good time to do your maternity photos when you are 28-32 week along. Your belly is full but you are still comfortable to pose. For expecting mamas with twins, come in earlier around 26-30 weeks as twins tend to arrive much earlier. 


I highly recommend professional makeup application and hair. Lashes and hair tend to disappear on camera. Makeup will help you feel beautiful and confidant at your session and it will make your photographer’s work easier. However if it is not in your budget , your going-out-on-a-hot-date makeup and hair will be fine too.  Neutral looking fake lashes, extra blush and don’t forget lipstick. All of these things can really flatter your look.  And please don’t forget about your nails. This is a great excuse to pamper yourself!!!



Wear something that makes you feel beautiful and pretty in.  Remember being comfortable and confidant in your clothing will definitely come through in your photos, so be sure to spend time choosing the right options for you. You can look into jeans/leggings and a blouse for more of a casual look. It can also be your favorite maternity dress or a formal maternity gown. The most important thing, I discourage you from wearing baggy/ belly loose-fitting clothes. We want to show off that baby bump, not hide it.


Keep in mind- solid colors photograph the best, you can also consider simple small patterns.  Stripes and busy patterns (such as big floral prints) can be very unflattering in pictures, so I don’t suggest going that route.  Have fun with textures and colors. I also suggest that your partner not wear anything too busy.  Jeans and a nice solid button-down shirt/ nice t-shirt/ v-necks are typical perfect “dad attire”. 


Please pay attention to how your undergarments are seen through your clothing!!!

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A great maternity session will give you stunning and gorgeous images, as well as make you feel confidant and beautiful.  I’m really looking forward to photograph your baby bump!  Please fill free to concat me with any questions or concerns. 

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